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  • Week two in the books

    Posted September 15, 2014

    Week two of the 2014 NFL flag football season is in the books. With a chill in the air, week two felt a bit more like October rather than September. It was also a welcome, after week one was one of the hottest days of the summer!

    The players are getting better and working closely with their coaches and team members. NFL flag rules are a bit different than regular football, so this also takes a little getting use to.

    Please continue to visit our website for schedules and standings along with any/all announcements concerning our league.




    Posted September 3, 2014

    The FIFTEENTH Annual NFL Flag Football season will open on Saturday, September 6th, 2014 @ 8:30 AM. Once agian, thanks to the Westwood Board of Education, we will be playing all games at Ketler Football Field, located on Third Avenue, Westwood, New Jersey.

    A full slate of games will be begin prompltly @ 8:30 AM with the PEE WEE Division, followed by the Junior Division and the Senior Division. This season we will have (4) PEE WEE (ages 6-8) teams and 40 players. The JUNIOR DIVISION, (ages (9-11) will have (12) teams and 124 players and the SENIOR DIVISION, (ages 12-13) will have (8) teams and 84 players! We also have 34 VOLUNTEER COACHES and players from (10) North Jersey communities and (8) referee's.  The program continues to grow in popularity and registration is at an all time high!

    Please visit our website for SCHEDULES and STANDINGS. This will give your team, game times, field assignments. etc. . Please also keep in mind the HOME team or the FIRST team listed on our schedule is the HOME team and they should wear their WHITE side of their NFL reversible jersey. Please also arrive at minimum (15) minutes prior to your games start time.

    The league is all about FUN so enjoy the season!



  • 2014 Fall Schedule

    Posted August 12, 2014

    The 2014 Fall NFL FLAG Football Schedule is now up on our website.

    Simply click on SCHEDULE & STANDINGS on the left side of our home page. Then click on PEW WEE, JUNIOR or SENIOR and you will have a complete schedule.

    Please refer to this for all games, times and field assignments.

    Mission Statement- NFL FLAG FOOTBALL-WWFLFB

    Westwood Flag Football: Welcome


    Westwood Flag Football - NFL FLAG Mission Statement

    Welcome to the Westwood Flag Football - NFL FLAG

    Our mission is very simple, we create an atmosphere where children and their families can get together on Saturday mornings to have FUN! The players experience the fundamentals of football with emphasis on skills such as running, throwing and catching a football. We also want to instill self confidence while at the same time learning sportsmanship and team work. The league attempts not to conflict with any other program and is played early Saturday mornings. Practice schedules are limited which allows players to participate in other sporting, academic or social events. We want the kids to be getting their exercise rather than to be playing video games. We also do not keep records or have a formal play-off system. The philosophy is to allow the players to attend their games, have a good time with their friends, teammates and family members. Our games are competitive but they are not the most important part of their weekends.

    Westwood Flag Football has been successfully operating since 1998 and we want to continue to have a place where kids can remember that they had a great time playing flag football!